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Uranium levels in Idaho

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December 5, 2023
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Idaho, known for its sprawling landscapes and clean air, is also home to significant levels of uranium deposits. The state's diverse terrain, ranging from mountains to plains, holds various rocks and soils containing uranium, which can turn into dangerous radon gas.

While uranium is a naturally occurring element and a vital part of the Earth's crust, its presence raises environmental concerns for Idahoans. The potential for uranium to leach into the environment, affecting soil, water, and vegetation, is a focal point of concern. This is because uranium decays into radioactive radon gas - the #1 cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers and the #2 cause for smokers.  

When uranium decays, radon gas is released, which rises. Outdoors it isn’t a health concern, but when it rises into homes and gets trapped inside, it can cause significant health risks.

Many people think uranium only exists in mines and mountains in Idaho, but it also exists in the soil our homes are built on and that we walk on every day. Because we can’t detect it with our senses alone, many people don’t know they’ve been exposed in their homes until they have a life-changing diagnosis such as lung cancer.

At Idaho Radon Services, we want to protect Idahoans from radon exposure so no one has to experience the detrimental effects of lung cancer. Click here or call us a 208-225-8500 to get a free radon test today.

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