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Understanding the cost of radon mitigation systems in Idaho

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Radon cost of a mitigation system in Idaho

An increasing number of homeowners are becoming aware of the link between radon gas and lung cancer. Because of this risk, it's crucial to have every home tested for radon and a mitigation system installed if the home tests high. Not all radon mitigation systems are created equal, and not every service provider installs high-quality systems like those offered by Idaho Radon Services. Check out radon cost to safeguard your family.

Average radon cost

Radon systems typically cost between $1,700–$2,000 for average-size homes. We stand out from the competition by providing top-tier, low-noise systems complete with a warranty and a post-installation radon level guarantee. 

Free radon system estimate

While we can offer a complimentary estimate over the phone for the majority of homes, certain structural complexities may require us to give you an estimate on site. We're more than happy to conduct an on-site inspection for your bid at no cost to you if you're in the Boise area. Typically, this appointment lasts around 30 minutes, and we're more than willing to stay longer to address any questions you might have.

Radon system types

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Interior radon systems

More than 50% of the homes we fix choose an interior radon system, and our objective in all installations is to minimize visibility. 

First, we drill discreetly through the lowest concrete floor slab, selecting inconspicuous locations like mechanical rooms, storage spaces, or the back of closets. Next, a PVC pipe is installed, extending from the lowest level of the home up through the roof.  A fan is then positioned in the attic to pull gas from underground and vent it above the roof.

Interior radon system installations cost $1,700–$2,000 on average.

Exterior radon systems

In instances where concealing a system within the home proves challenging, an exterior radon system is a great solution.

Similar to interior systems, these systems start with a hole drilled through the lowest slab. The piping is then extended outside the home, just above ground level. Placement is strategic, typically on the side or rear of the home to remain out of sight and away from high-traffic areas like patios and entrances.

The radon fan is affixed to the exterior pipe only a short distance above the ground and generally can be concealed with bushes or other foliage. The pipe is transitioned into an aluminum downspout, which can be painted to blend with the home's current color as a complementary service.

The average radon cost for an exterior radon system is also approximately $1,700–$2,000.

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Crawl space radon mitigation systems

We know our way around crawl spaces and the unique challenges they bring to radon system installations.

Figuring out the exact cost for most crawl spaces usually requires a firsthand look. As a rough estimate, expect the total expense for a crawl space radon system to be the cost of a regular system, plus an extra $2–$3 for every square foot of the crawl space.

Crawl space radon mitigation system pricing factors:
  • The square footage of the crawl space 
  • The crawl space height (we need a minimum of 24” for our workers). 
  • The cleanliness of the crawl space
  • Any dead animals found during installation that require removal


Additional factors that can increase the price of a radon system

Home size

If a home is over 2,000 square feet, there are additional variables and it may require additional work. It is almost always necessary for us to do an in-home inspection for an accurate bid.

Sub-slab ducting

Mitigation can become challenging when a home's cement slab has poorly sealed sub-slab ducting. If you're aware that your home has sub-slab ducts, please mention it during your bid. You may need to hire a company to seal the sub-slab vents.

Radiant floor heating

Radiant flooring can add cost to the installation because we need to use special cameras in order to avoid the lines running through the cement.

Unique materials

If your home has copper gutter downspouts, the cost of your radon mitigation system installation may go up as much as $600 per spout.

Installing a radon system in your home can protect the health of your loved ones and give you peace of mind.
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