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3 steps to take during National Radon Action Month

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January 3, 2024
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national radon action month

National Radon Action Month is when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) raises awareness for radon exposure and radon-induced illness. Our team at Idaho Radon Services is here with three steps to take this month to help reduce radon-induced lung cancer deaths.

Step 1: Test your home for radon

Testing your home is simple and free! If you haven’t tested your home for radon within the last two years, click here to request a free test. Results will be emailed to you quickly, and if your home tests high, we can walk you through the mitigation process.

Step 2: Encourage a loved one to test for radon

Protecting a loved one from radon-induced lung cancer can be as simple as one post on social media. We’ve made it easy for you—simply copy and paste the message below and post it on your social media account of choice!

Did you know that 21,000 Americans die annually from radon-induced lung cancer? Radon can’t be detected in our homes by our senses alone, so if you haven’t tested your home in the last two years, there’s no better time to do so! To get a free test, go to 

Step 3: Set a reminder for your next radon test

Once you complete a radon test, or if you’ve tested within the last year or so, create a calendar event on your phone to remind you to test again two years after your last test. This is the recommended timeline by the U.S. Surgeon General, EPA, and Idaho Radon Services. If your last test was conducted in the summer, complete your next test in the winter (and vice versa). So take advantage of "National Radon Action Month" in the month of January.

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